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Tel Aviv - Israel

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I’m Assaf and I am an Israeli licensed tour guide and tour planner. In Hebrew, my name, Assaf, means “to gather or to bring together” and I feel that it describes my job perfectly; to bring together different groups of people and to introduce them to the wonderful and complicated land that I live in. I’m described by friends and clients as a person for whom resting is an impossible mission, someone who is always on the move, meeting new people and always thinking about the next place to explore and learn.

Growing up in a family who followed my father, a career diplomat, to different regions of the world, I had the opportunity to introduce Israel to those around me and ever since it has been one of my greatest passions. For the past four years, I’ve been providing a tour guide’s perspective of Israel to a wide range of clients including politicians, Jewish groups, Christian groups and families. Give me a chance to introduce YOU to the land I call home.

Contact me to learn how I can help you plan your next visit to Israel.

Where to begin?

What kind of journey are you seeking? A religious tour? General tour? Just Jerusalem? Geopolitical tour?  Two days? One week? Family trip? Organized group?  Special needs?  No matter what your preferences and desires are, I can tailor the perfect package for you (including, if needed, referring you to a specialized colleague). Just let me know what your hopes and wishes are and I promise to find you the best solution. Don’t hesitate to ask me a question – I’d love to help!  

Some of the tours I offer include 'Tel Aviv markets culinary tour', 'Jerusalem Markets Culinary Tour', 'A Geopolitical Tour in Jerusalem, Northern Israel and the Gaza Strip', religious tours, family tours and tailor-made tours. 


Assaf Boker


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