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Boker Tours

Creating Your Israel Journey



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Before we love Israel, we love people.

 Let’s become friends, get to know each other, and plan an Israel experience you will never forget.

We believe in personalized travel, no set itineraries, and most importantly we believe in personal connection as the key tool to creating a meaningful Israel experience.

Before knowing you as a client, we want to understand you as a friend.


Personalized  Experience


We don’t believe in cookie cutter tours and that’s why all our travel experiences are individually tailored and nuanced for each client specifically.


Friendly  Staff


We believe in friendship as a company value. Our guides will show you Israel as a local friend would show it to you.

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Real  Story  Tellers


We don’t believe in simply guiding; we believe in storytelling and that’s exactly what we do. With us, you will live and walk through the history and tales of this ancient land.


Fluent English Speakers


We believe language cannot get in the way of you and your Israeli experience. That’s why all our guides are fluent or native English speakers.


1000’s of satisfied clients


We know that we are providing quality travel experiences. Check out what some of our clients had to say!


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Assaf COMPLETELY changed my perspective and I wish there were guides like him in every country that I could hire. My mom and I had a vacation of a lifetime and learned so much from the wealth of knowledge and network that Assaf has

Catherine Jhung

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