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Family Tour

Family Journey

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We believe Israel is like a well-equipped Kitchen. All the foods, spices and tools are there, but it takes a talented chef to be able to assemble all of those in a delicious meal full of tastes that will be fitting for one’s individual pallet. And that’s exactly what we do. We won’t ask our client the order of the menu. We will get to know and your family and write you the menu which is the most fitting for your individual tastes and desires.

We build customized family experience for all families, from all backgrounds with all different interests. We will help you understand what are some thing that can’t be missed for your individual family and shine the light on exciting ideas you had no idea about.

Benei Mitzvah Tour

B’nai Mitzvah Journey

Key events in one’s life are often used as a calling for a unique experience and celebration. In the days of the Second Temple, it was customary that Benei Mitzvah made their first accent (“Aliya”) to the temple in Jerusalem, joined by family members to create a celebration. For many of our ancestors this was the defining moment of their entire life.


Today we have ability to re-create this ancient ritual by making your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah a unique event in their life, a once in a lifetime family experience that creates everlasting memories. Allow us to join your family in this unique journey.

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Pilgrimage Journey

Pilgrimage Journey


The only place in the world you can use your Bible as a map is in Israel. When reading a map, you need a good and accurate compass. Let us be your compass for this once in a lifetime spiritual journey.

We believe that in order to walk through the land of the Bible you need to know and love your Bible, viewing it as a source of inspiration. With us, we assure you that Bible stories will come to life with new exciting interpretations and understandings. Allow us to join you in falling in love again with your Bible.

Customized Tours

Customized Tours

So you’ve been to Israel before and want to go off the beaten track! Let's experience something different from all the main sites and attractions to take your adventure to a different level… Whether it be creating a magnificent itinerary based around incredible cuisine, adventure, nature, or geopolitical experiences, we can make it happen.


We will plan a tour of this multifaceted country to make it more or less active based around your personal interests and allow you to dive into Israeli society and meet the people who thrive here. Take your personal interests to a whole new level by experiencing them in a new land with so much to offer. Let’s plan an unforgettable adventure for you!

One Day Journey

One Day Journey

Sometimes all you have is just one day. Short layover. A work trip or a conference that you can only extend by a day. We can work with that! Allow us to make this day the highlight of your trip. We will start off by getting to know you. Learning about your background, your interests, your passions. We will take all those into consideration in order to offer you the best way to maximize your time with us.

As all our tours are private, we can start as early (or as late…) as you would like and include everything you want to see. We will avoid the tourist traps and create a day trip that will allow you to leave Israel with a taste for more. The following are suggested programs that could serve as possible guidelines for your own customized journey.

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