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We will begin our day by visiting Caesarea - King Herod’s legendary port town built over 2000 years ago. From there we will travel to Haifa, a unique multi-cultural Israeli city located at a beautiful Mediterranean bay. In Haifa we will have lunch in the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood - a unique neighborhood showing the everyday co-existence between Jews and Arabs. We will also explore the unique street art in the neighborhood. We will then ascend to Mount Carmel and enjoy spectacular scenery of Haifa and the Bahai gardens - the central worhsip site for followers of the Bahai religion worldwide. 


Our last stop will be the city of Acre. Acre is an ancient city, best known for its unique function during the crusader era, when the city served as their major port. Our visit will include going to the market, the newly excavated Crusader Halls and the El - Jazar Mosque - one of the largest mosques in Israel. 

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