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What makes the difference between a good trip and a lifetime experience? We truly believe it starts and ends with the right people. 


We are certain we are those people.

Boker Tours was founded by Assaf Boker in 2017. Assaf is life-long traveler and the son of a career diplomat who transferred his passion of discovering new countries to his family. In the IDF Assaf had served in the Gaza envelope region for most of his service as commander in a combat intelligence unit. After Assaf was released from the IDF, he began traveling extensively throughout North and South America, South East Asia and Africa. Upon his return to Israel, he attended the Hebrew University and gained a double major in Political Science and International Relations.

Shortly after he graduated, Assaf understood he wanted to share his love for the Land of Israel with as many people as possible while exploring it himself. He became a licensed tour guide and started introducing Israel to a wide variety of audiences. During his many journeys with different clients he had realized that the most valuable component of every Israel trip is having a partner on the other side who is a great listener, hearing out the specific nuances of each client.

Armed with this vision, Assaf has founded Boker Tours in order to give more travelers the chance to experience Israel with travel company that listens to your needs and to make Israel more than just another travel destination.


At Boker Tours, we believe in becoming YOUR friend before you become OUR client. 


We believe once a friendship is established, we can better understand your needs and create the Israel experience that will last for a lifetime.

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