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We will begin our day at the Yitzhak Rabin museum - an interactive museum portraying the story of the modern state of Israel. From there, we will hop on a cab to Old Jaffa, to  learn about the archaeology and the stories of one of the most ancient port cities in the world. We will walk through the narrow alleys, visit galleries and see the unique architecture. At lunch time, instead of having an ordinary meal, we will walk to the Carmel Market - one of the most interesting food scenes in Tel Aviv - for a unique vegetarian-friendly tasting tour, to experience all kinds of different foods, representing the variety of cultures that make up Israeli society. 


Afterwards we will walk or take a cab to Rothschild street, one of the first streets of Tel Aviv, formerly known as Rehov HaAm (the Street of the People), where we will discuss some of the landmarks found on the street, including Independence hall, the first kiosk in Tel Aviv and, of course, the iconic Bhauas architecture which gives Tel Aviv its title – “the white city”.  We will conclude our tour at the Shalom Tower, the first skyscraper built in the middle east, established in the former location of the first Hebrew High School - Gymnasia Hertzlia.

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